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Welcome to
Mount Lebanon Lodge no. 54

Founded in 1911 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 54 proudly upholds the enduring principles of Freemasonry, embracing the timeless values of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.


As a steadfast presence in the community, our fraternity is composed of like-minded men united by a shared purpose: the pursuit of wisdom, morality, and self-improvement. At our core, we are dedicated to the mission of making good men even better.

Faith, Hope, Charity: These principles form the bedrock of our existence. We wholeheartedly believe in serving our community, emphasizing the significance of faith, the strength of hope, and the compassion of charity. Our members are recognized for their commitment to leading honourable lives, both within our organization and in the broader world. We foster an environment that nurtures personal and moral growth.

Within our lodge, a myriad of opportunities awaits for growth and development. Engage in educational programs, participate in community initiatives, enjoy social interactions, and delve into philosophical discussions. It's a space where exploration, learning, and flourishing are not just encouraged but celebrated.

Whether you're a Freemason seeking a new lodge or someone intrigued by our principles, we invite you to discover how we are devoted to the journey of self-improvement and service to others.

Thank you for exploring Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 54, where the pursuit of becoming better men is an ongoing and fulfilling journey.

Leading in Masonry

Brotherly Love, Relief andTrutg
Ideal of a Freemason
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